day 29 – those little things

My mother is the mothers of all mothers. Her life is about me and brother–absolutely no lie. She constantly frets about us, wakes up early just to make me breakfast, will call me after work to see if I need a ride… wow, even writing about this makes me feel like I am in middle school again. She constantly nags and bitches about our life habits, but my mother has the heart of gold. She is a very simple person, never asks for much and makes do with whatever she has. I know for a fact that in her life, she only wants me and my brother to be successful and to be happy. 

Even typing up this is making me teary. 

Anyways, sometimes my mother is as clueless as they come. I put some cleaning cream/protector lotion on my shoes the other day and was letting it dry. She hurriedly told me before I left today that will never work and puts it near the heater.. I didn’t think too much about it till I googled it.. putting shoes near the heater will make it crack. I freaked out and logged onto skype just about to yell and do the crazy thing that I do.. here was the convo. 


[10:20:32 AM] MOM: oh,yes good idea
[10:20:58 AM] MOM: have a good day
[10:21:17 AM] ME: you too mom
[10:21:26 AM] MOM: thank you

This almost made me cry. .it was so cute but reflects about how much my mother cares for me and wishes me to have a good day even if I was about to freak out on her (the previous part of this convo was not pasted…lol).

Makes me wonder.. how many moments like this has gone by without me noticing it? The little things really do count and we really need to appreciate it and especially those who care for us. I love you motherrr ❤

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